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Cutting-edge eCommerce Website Design Services

Do you offer a website where customers can shop for products online, pay using a credit card, and receive immediate confirmation that their order is processed? If that’s the case, you’re undoubtedly one of the many businesses that require eCommerce development services. It is just a branch of digital marketing that focuses on developing custom software for your selected eCommerce platform, for example, WordPress, Shopify, etc. But, if you’re a business owner, here’s the actual question…

Do funky-looking website designs and development boost revenue by enhancing the user’s purchasing experience?

So, let’s respond to it by getting more views from people:

  • 80% of consumers prefer buying from a business that offers personalized experiences online.
  • 56% of website traffic increasingly comes from mobile devices rather than desktop.
  • 46% of all purchasers start the buying process through a search engine like Google.

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To attract online shoppers and convert them into your loyal customers, you’ll need a fully functional eCommerce design with built-in search engine optimization features. Our eCommerce web development team at WPXStudios can assist you in creating the website of your dreams to reach and exceed your business objectives in the current year and the future.

Our eCommerce web developers have the industry expertise and the experience to deliver excellent designs and solutions that transform ideas into live projects. So whether your organization manages many online stores or you’re just getting started with your first eCommerce project, we’ve got your back with our complete eCommerce services.

Our Clients

Our clients are proud of our work and what we do here at WPXStudios. Please look at the curated portfolio of some of the WordPress sites we've built and have received positive feedback and testimonials.

  • Brock – Heating & Cooling | Ventilation, & Air Conditioning | HVAC logo | WPXStudios
  • Save Ontario Shipwrecks logo | WPXStudios
  • Brandman Health Care logo | WPXStudios
  • dcomply - Divorced Parent Expense Management App logo | WPXStudios

Why WPXStudios ?

If you don’t know where to look, finding the right fit for eCommerce expertise in today’s industry might be difficult for you. With so many firms springing up in this country and other growing markets, the distinctions between reputable digital marketing solutions and those online enterprises that slap some material on a single-page website and claim to offer digital marketing services are challenging to spot. Fortunately, at WPXStudios, we prioritize quality over quantity to suit our clients’ needs and commercial objectives. These advantages stem directly from our best practices and methodology:

  • Effortless Web Design for E-Commerce: Our design services strive to build beautiful, easy-to-navigate websites that resonate with our customers’ branding and experiences. Right from startups to corporate eCommerce organizations, we offer the right technology and integration knowledge to help you increase your conversion rate.
  • Success Track Record: Our committed and fantastic team of professionals has developed and delivered numerous sites for all types of business sectors, from unique software solutions to specific features. You can rely on us to provide a professional bespoke design built on a technological stack that you’ll be proud to call your own.
  • End-to-end Digital Marketing Services: It’s not just about creating and launching a responsive design and a user-friendly experience on the internet. To drive traffic, you still need search rankings and advertising. So we offer a full array of marketing services, in addition to website creation, to help your eCommerce website expand in both conversions and performance, using a proven content approach that outperforms any automated program.
  • High-Ranking Possibility: We don’t just develop some standard marketplaces that are just standing up online. All of the online markets we create are equipped with the most effective SEO services and strategies to help them rank right at the top in necessary searches. This ensures optimized pages for direct ROI rather than just being nice to look at.

Our Methodology:

At WPXStudios, we use a tried-and-true development approach for all of our e-Commerce solutions, ensuring that your online marketplace is delivered on time and without any glitches. We’ve refined this process at every level over time to focus on the following stages:

  • Conduct preliminary research: In the initial phase, we’ll conduct competition research in your industry and learn about your new site’s objectives to create a product you’ll be proud of. This will also include a close representation of your branding and data related to all competing marketing channels and an implementation plan.
  • Structure: We develop the wireframe or build-out of your website at this phase. This will act as the skeletal structure of your entire online marketplace, giving a quick layout before adding other aspects like colors, branding touches, forms, photos, and further details into the architecture.
  • Development: This phase entails the creation of your online marketplace’s actual site/user interface utilizing industry-standard practices to assure its growth and profitability. At this point, the graphic design, content, videos, and high-quality branding are fully realized, culminating in a fantastic website designed for an online eCommerce experience.
  • Advertising: We don’t just abandon our customers after the platform launch. We will build a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase awareness and sales with your target audience after your website gets complete. We have the means to ultimately execute a wide variety of promotions and campaigns on Google, Social Media, and media purchasing platforms.
  • Maintenance: Finally, we’ll look after your website and make sure it’s up and functioning. We know that usability is critical, so we don’t want our clients to constantly fiddle with their websites rather than focusing on their business and customers. Allow us to handle the tasks of hosting, backend, security, and plugin updates, so you can concentrate on the critical metrics and scale your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any inquiries concerning our WooCommerce web design and development services? If that's the case, you may look at some of the FAQs below for more information.

eCommerce website development is a software development solution that includes the complete design and development of an online/eCommerce marketplace. eCommerce web developers create these sites using a pre-built platform like WordPress or Shopify. This gets optimized for the products and categories of products that online users are searching for and custom templates tailored to the content that brands want to create to attract more customers.

Companies wishing to develop a conventional eCommerce website should budget roughly $15,000 as a startup cost. It all relies on the web development firm you opt for, the service quality, and the amount of engagement/service it offers. After launch, digital marketing expenses get linked to their ad spend requirements and SEO campaign costs.

Usually, the timeline to create an eCommerce website is determined by the number and complexity of features integrated as per the objectives. Complete and comprehensive project scope should take anything between 2 to 5 months. We can expand our teams working on your project to speed things up in exchange for some budget trade-offs.

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