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WordPress as Headless CMS

That’s the number of websites we have designed, developed, hosted, maintained, and supported since our web design and development process began.

A Headless Content Management System connects your central website platform and your content repository, consisting of blog posts, media, static text, etc. Since WordPress is already a leading CMS, it makes it a go-to or preferable option for everybody looking for a headless CMS. Let’s learn more about Headless WordPress website development and why we highly recommend it.

Why WordPress for Headless CMS?

  • FREE… FOREVER – Do you care about owning your data? Are you concerned about recurring SaaS CMS costs? Headless WordPress is the obvious choice. WordPress has been around since 2003, is open-source, can be hosted on your server, and has a talented community of professional developers supporting it. Unlike SasS CMS, you don’t have to worry about Terms of Service, your data being sold, the SaaS being shut down, or worse, being gated, if you fall behind on your monthly payment.
  • SPEED & SECURITY BAKED IN – Hosting your decoupled frontend on the Jamstack virtually eliminates the threat of a WordPress server or database hack, since hackers won’t even know you have a WordPress installed in the first place. When a traffic spike occurs, you can rest assured that your site won’t go down because your frontend is nothing more than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript served from highly capable CDNs. There’s no server side rendering or database calls to slow things down.
  • COMFORTABLE – The biggest benefit of using WordPress as a headless CMS is that it’s comfortable. Today’s content editors and writers have established a familiarity with the WordPress dashboard. Making the decision to move to a new CMS should not be taken lightly, since your content creators will need to learn a new system. This type of transition could cost you more than you think, and worse, might even stunt their creativity, which may hinder their ability to create amazing content!

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WordPress for Headless CMS- Hit-or-Miss?

Why should you opt for WordPress for Headless CMS?

The following reasons will answer that very question:

Benefits at NO Cost: Why spend money when you can get it for free? The same logic applies to WordPress as a headless content management system since it is free and open-source. Due to this, you wouldn’t have to worry about spending money or your data being sold to third parties.

Secure and Speedy: By opting for WordPress for a Headless content management system, you can free yourself from worrying about hackers. Since they wouldn’t even know you have WordPress installed to begin with, there wouldn’t be any threats to the database. Moreover, with no server-side rendering, your site will not go down.

Easy Transition: Transitioning to a new CMS is not child’s play. It is necessary to undertake the comfort of content editors and writers and their familiarity with the dashboard of WordPress. But using WordPress as a headless CMS should not pose any issue to your content team or cause any degradation in the content’s quality.

Our Clients

Our clients’ appreciation speaks volumes of our expertise, dedication, and experience. You can check out the portfolio that holds some of the best WordPress websites created by us, something that is still the recipient of feedback and testimonials.

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What Does Headless CMS Entail?

Search Engine Optimization: With a decoupled front end, will you have to let go of the SEO services? Definitely not. You’ll still get complete access to WordPress SEO to manage the front-end of your website. With WPXStudios’ WordPress website development services, you shall receive SEO-optimised results.

Utmost Accessibility: The websites built by WPXStudios are fully accessible. All of them, including the frontend powered ones, follow the coding standards and are subjected to rigorous checks.

Gravity Form: Are you worried about losing out on the Gravity Form plugin? You can build forms with the same editor and have them rendered on your decoupled frontend. This negates the need for third-party services.

Algolia Search: With the Algolia plugin, you can maximize the search speed and discovery of your website. This AI-powered platform can be powered to your decoupled frontend to push your content for more visibility.

Access to Gutenberg: The power of a good and qualitative blog shouldn’t be questioned. Not only does it help with SEO, but it also manages to build brand trust. Gutenberg integrated with the headless content management system lets you update your viewers and customers from the convenient and easy-to-use dashboard.

Why Opt for Headless CMS?

Front-end Development
Front-end development brings several benefits to the table. For example, it ensures the use of the latest Graphical User Interfaces that are not only faster to load but easier to interact with.

Front-end developers get full freedom in terms of the usage and implementation of the tools as per their expertise. No wonder front-end technologies like Angular JS, ReactJs, and Vue Js are getting more and more popular.

Optimization of Site Loading Time
The data transmission speed increases with the separation of presentation layers and shifting the logic of data display to the client-side.

Easy to Maintain
A headless content management system turns out to be quite efficient to maintain applications.

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