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WordPress Hacked Website Fix Services | WPXStudios

Fix your Hacked WordPress Site

We can help you clean your WordPress Website and reduce WordPress Security Risks.

Is your WordPress site hacked and broken? Is your site showing up on or with the “this site may be hacked” warning? Then, it’s time to quit worrying and get in touch with our web repair professionals who can care for all your breaches. We remove the most malware-infected websites within hours, and those blocklisted sites are unblacklisted within 48 hours. In addition, our experts will clean up any existing malware, improve the security of your WordPress site, and implement tried-and-true procedures to avoid future assaults.

People expect search engines to deliver the highest-quality and most relevant results possible. So you may make your website more visible as a website owner by properly optimizing for the characteristics that search engines look for. The more you optimize, the higher you rank in search results, and the more traffic you attract, the more clients you’ll get.

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Does responsive web design intrigue you? Then, one of our expert responsive designers is ready for a no-obligation website consultation at your convenience.

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Hacked WordPress Issues We Can Fix:

  • Google Hacked Website Warning
  • Bing Hacked Website Warning
  • Defaced WordPress Websites
  • Pharma Link Hacks
  • Spam Links in Theme Files and Content
  • MySQL Injections
  • Content Injections
  • Spam redirects

Why should you go with our WordPress Hacked Service?

  • Experienced Site Paramedics: With over 7 years of experience in the industry, we can eliminate even the most difficult web challenges. We’ll help you clean up your compromised WordPress virus and remove any scripts causing problems on your site.
  • Quick Response Unit (QRU): It’s the equivalent of a widespread commercial blackout if a WordPress site is hacked or goes down. We understand its seriousness and need to get things back up and run as soon as possible, and we guarantee a 48-hour turnaround time for most WordPress blackouts and breaches.
  • Power in prevention: We’ll outfit your WordPress site with security monitoring plugins to keep it healthy, active and immunize it against future hacks once it’s back up and running. We are constantly working towards keeping your site safe and running with speed.

What’s included in the package?

  • We guarantee a speedy response and a 48-hour recovery time for most compromised WordPress sites.
  • Free security plugin installation to keep you safe from potential hackers and the troubles they bring.
  • All-access points will have new and secure passwords, ensuring that break-ins do not repeatedly occur in the exact location.
  • All of the above is covered by a standard flat rate billing price.
  • If we can’t fix anything, we’ll refund your money!

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