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WordPress Multilingual development Services | WPXStudios

Multilingual WordPress Development Services

WPXStudios is not a rookie in the field of WordPress development. With years of experience in Multilingual WordPress development, our committed developers have built a myriad of websites. Every website developed by us functions well in multiple languages.

If you want to engage audiences who might speak a different language, let us help you. We shall use WordPress multilingual plugins and themes to create multilingual websites for extensive scope and reach.

Enhance the Online Presence of your Business with Multilanguage Website

Channel the hidden power of your WordPress website by using our Multilingual WordPress development services. This includes WordPress multisite setup, WordPress multilingual plugin approach, etc. In this way, you can create a customized WordPress website in all languages.

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nvesting in Multilingual WordPress development brings several benefits to the table. It can build a pathway for your business website to step into foreign markets and target the audiences situated abroad. Rather than relying on your users to translate the website site, you can do the hard work and translate it for them. This will increase the quality of the translated content and improve your customer experience and satisfaction.

At WPXStudios, we do not believe in the manual translation of your WordPress website. We find the process of working with machine translations and translatable strings to be inconvenient, unwieldy, and erratic. Instead, we use WordPress multilingual plugins to build customizable multilingual websites. This process is more accessible, and it provides effective and innovative results.

Our Clients

You can understand our work by going through our portfolio. It consists of all the WordPress websites developed by us for an array of clients.

  • GPA Custom HVAC Solutions logo | WPXStudios
  • Astroselling logo | WPXStudios
  • NOUMENA Digital AG I Ecosystem software logo | WPXStudios
  • SUPERIOR Home Health Care logo | WPXStudios

URL strategy

We undertake the following URL strategies for internationalized sites. 

URL Strategy  Example  Advantages  Disadvantages 
Top Level Domains 
Can help build trust with the native users  Weaker SEO authority 

Most reliable and robust SEO strategy  Might prevent some integrations from distinguishing between the sites 
Distinctive locale feel to the website  Google has had a risky past with subdomains; might affect SEO 
Combinations Maximum flexibility  Cumbersome to manage; Multisite natively does not support it

Why WPXStudios ?

Do not limit your WordPress language to a single language.

The WordPress developers at WPXStudios have extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in developing multilingual websites. Irrespective of the industry type of your business, we can provide the perfect multilingual solution with flawless translation.

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