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Shopify Website Development

Whenever you may have bought a product online successfully, you usually get an immediate confirmation about the payment and then the shipping notification on your email. In such cases, there are two possibilities – you have shopped on a WooCommerce site or on a site that is powered by Shopify.

That explains why web designers and developers who work on the Shopify theme are the most sought-after eCommerce experts globally. They have an increasing demand in today’s world of digital marketing, where the creation of custom designs and features for better user experience and multi-tasking with various products and projects at one time is needed. As a content management system, Shopify helps businesses promote products within a secure and clear retail environment that stands out from the competition.

The truth is that hiring a trusted US-based expert in Shopify developer to create affordable, sustainable, and reliable sites is becoming more critical for businesses day by day. Fortunately, WPXStudios has gained a strong reputation as one of the best Shopify partners in the United States with a strong profile. So allow our designers to build an attractive and responsive website that attracts profits for you!

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Our Clients

We are proud of our work, and so are our clients. Here’s a portfolio of the Shopify sites we’ve created and continually received testimonials and feedback on:

  • TOK Group logo | WPXStudios
  • TOK Coachlines Bus Service logo | WPXStudios
  • Take5Digital Video Production logo | WPXStudios
  • TORLYS Floors logo | WPXStudios

Why WPXStudios ?

Several web development companies in the country offer Shopify web design and development services – some are beginners, and some can charge excessively high rates. But we at WPXStudios take pride in offering expert services at an affordable and competitive rate.

  • Highly Functional Online Store – Your eCommerce website will be effectively built with all the features and customization that capture your target audiences’ eyes and ensures a seamless online shopping experience. It includes payment gateway integrations, shipping options, and a team of experts helping you on each sale.
  • Mobile-friendly Website – To give your audiences a good user experience on mobile, we make all our Shopify sites from scratch – be it Shopify App Store vetting for your site or the boutique design shops. These effective web development techniques ensure that your website is accessible on various devices – from tablets, and mobiles, to laptops.
  • High-ranking Pages – Each of our web pages is optimized with excellent SEO techniques that ensure a high ranking on search engines like Google. It helps your audience quickly find your website and engage with your products or services. We also use SEO for images to promote your brand image, which eventually aids in the natural search.
  • Constant Support – Our team helps you make frequent updates, create trending content if needed, and deal with any design issues or bugs that crawl in due to codebase updates in Shopify. Our solid relationships with our clients have kept them happy and returning for our services. Our job doesn’t end after the design and development!
  • Lightning-fast speed – The speed of your website is a crucial factor in terms of user experience and SEO. The faster your webpage loads, the lesser the chances of your users going to another website for their requirements. We at WPXStudios ensure that the Shopify website we design for you has the quickest loading speed possible!

Shopify By The Numbers

Shopify came into existence because 3 Canadians started it in 2004 after getting fed up with a poor experience buying snowboarding equipment online. Since then, it has grown to new heights. As of June 2019, the total global sales were estimated to be $135+ billion.

According to the latest Shopify statistics, 1.75 million merchants sell on this platform across almost 1.59 million websites. In addition, some themes of Shopify are recognized explicitly for converting traffic. eCom Turbo, Konversion, and Booster are regarded as the three best. Hence, what better platform to build your eCommerce website on?

Our Services:

At WPXStudios, we employ a data-driven approach to launching Shopify stores for our valued clients. The steps of this process include:

  • Initial Research – Our team initially focuses on understanding your requirements and then checking your competitors’ websites to analyze our strategy for the future. Finally, we make sure that your website stands out from your competition.
  • Solid Wireframe – After understanding your needs, we create a wireframe that serves as a skeleton for you to understand. It includes all the ideal templates, features, and themes that we will use for your online store.
  • Optimized Build – Our design team will then start working on building your website with eye-catching designs, clever SEO techniques, and effective web development techniques that work best.
  • Efficient Marketing – Once your website is up and running, our in-house marketing team charts out high-performance digital marketing campaigns for promoting your brand. We not only focus on higher traffic but also on conversions.
  • Maintenance Support – We are with you even after the design and development are done. We will help you manage and maintain your site and work on updates if required. Leave the worries to us so you can focus more on your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your queries about Shopify web design and development services cleared. Then, check out the below FAQs for more information on the same.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that helps brands set up their online store and start selling their products or services under their brand name. In addition, the platform offers access to various apps and tools that can be integrated into your website, which takes care of extending the inventory, shipping, and aids in marketing efforts.

Shopify web development services are provided by experts who specialize in designing and developing highly efficient Shopify stores. While many Shopify developers focus only on Shopify theme development, trusted firms (such as WPXStudios) have more significant experience in designing landing pages, working on eCommerce functionality, and a sense to set up online stores for new startups and entrepreneurs.

Shopify web development services usually cost more than $15,000, depending on the service provider or freelancer you choose. Freelancers may charge hourly and might not be as revenue-minded as the larger firms. But, companies like WPXStudios will not only provide affordable Shopify web development services, but they will also guarantee quality service and constant support in the long run. So, you need not look any further!

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