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What is WordPress Multisite?

You can get tonnes of information about WordPress multisite on several websites. What is different about us? We provide all the necessary knowledge for a non-technical person to comprehend. Let us go through some basic terminologies related to WordPress Multisite.

WordPress Multisite is a newer concept for several companies and businesses. Hence, it is necessary to have a stronger foundation before getting to the main scope of the article.

  • Network: The group or amalgamation of sites created on Multisite is known as a Network. Even though it is possible for multiple networks to run on a single Multisite, we shall target our focus on a single network. Moreover, try not to get confused since Network was earlier known as Site. 
  • Site: A network contains several different sites. They can also be referred to as blogs or subsites. The meaning of the site was subjected to a lot of changes, and you might find it being referred to as Network. 
  • Blog: A single site on the network. 
  • Subsite: A single site on the network. 
  • Network Admin: This section is a part of the wp-admin area that allows you to enable Multisite after the WordPress installation. You can control the site’s plugins, themes, and other aspects. 
  • Super Admin: This Multisite-exclusive role allows the users to access the Network Admin area. Super Admins can access, administer, and manage the dashboard of any site. This is different from the traditional administrator that only has access to the sites with rendered permissions. 
  • Subdirectory Install: This Network setup option comes in handy while creating new sites. It helps create multiple sites with the same visual, look, and layout as the primary site. 

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What is WordPress Multisite?

Now that we have covered the basic terminologies of WordPress Multisite, let us understand its meaning.

WordPress, being a content management system, allows you to manage the content of your business/personal website. Now, what if you have multiple websites? How would you access those websites? Through the means of WordPress multisite. This allows you to revamp a single site into several websites with a single installation process. All in all, you can combine all your WordPress websites and manage them from a single dashboard. At the same time, you can have varying plugins, themes, and domains for the different websites.

Let us understand the logistics and understanding of WordPress Multisite services with an easy example. Let us assume you have several clients with varying WordPress websites that require constant and frequent management. Instead of assigning a new device to the different WordPress websites, you can use WordPress Multisite services to manage their content. At the same time, it can ensure the functionality of the network and the plugins.

Importance of WordPress Multisite

With WordPress Multisite services, you can maintain several WordPress websites with a single installation. As a result, it comes as a valuable tool for organizations with a bundle of departments and units requiring a separate WordPress website. Even the IT teams can enjoy the convenience in terms of maintaining the hosting environment, solving the security problems, and keeping every website updated.

WordPress Multisite makes website maintenance simple, irrespective of the number of WordPress websites. It allows us to update all websites within seconds without juggling between them. It works well for those who struggle to recall account information. Since everything is accessed from a single source, you need not worry about sensitive information.

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