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WordPress Plugin Development Services

Do WordPress plugins hold importance? Think of them as important as dressing on a salad. Even though you can consume salads without the dressings, it makes them 10x better.

WordPress plugins allow you to create additional functionalities for your WordPress website. It provides you the freedom to modify your website and create a better online presence. We step in with our Custom WordPress Plugin Development Services.

Our custom WordPress plugin development services allow us to help our clients create the best WordPress websites for their business. It could include anything from adding a unique element to the site or customizing an existing plugin as per the requirements. We help our clients create a better online presence with a website that speaks volumes about their business.

Our Clients

We prioritize customer satisfaction. This practice has helped us build a strong portfolio that holds all the WordPress websites we created.

  • Fair Pensions for All logo | WPXStudios
  • Cheadles LLP logo | WPXStudios
  • MNB Properties : Privately funded property company logo | WPXStudios
  • Consulate General Islamic Republic of Pakistan Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Govt. logo | WPXStudios

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

We provide customized and personalized plugins with our custom WordPress plugin development services. We do so after carefully understanding your business model and business-specific requirements.

The following qualities are guaranteed with our services:

  • Superior Code Quality: Our WordPress developers meet WordPress coding standards while developing plugins. This allows us to integrate the plugins with the WordPress core without any setbacks. 
  • Utmost Security: Our customized plugins come with all the necessary documentation. In this way, your WordPress website will not be subjected to any vulnerabilities and security breaches. 
  • Business-Specific: We create plugins that are most suitable to your business/company. In this way, your users get efficient functionality and navigation through your website, thereby guaranteeing a better online presence. 
  • Backend Compatability: Our developers follow the updated WordPress and PHP standards to maintain the website’s backend. 

Our Custom WordPress Plugin Development Services

The following services are a part of our custom WordPress plugin development services:

  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Customization of Plugin
  • Integration of Plugin
  • Configuration of Plugin
  • Upgradation of Plugin
  • Development of Extensions and Add-ons

There’s no fixed charge for any single plugin, as the final price depends on your requirements. However, contact us if you want to develop customized plugins for your business websites. Our WordPress experts will assist you with the final price and the timeframe of the plugin.

Yes, we can. Once our WordPress plugin developers create customized plugins for your business, you will have their copyright. However, we will not have any ownership right over it.

Once we deliver the customized plugin, the copyright of the code remains with you. We shall not have any ownership right over the plugin or the code.

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