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Write for us on all things WordPress.

The WPXStudios developed this Blog space to provide the latest news, industry perspective, and tools to anyone working with WordPress who wants to explore more of it.

Do you enjoy blogging and helping others by sharing your WordPress expertise, knowledge, and skills? Why don’t you try writing for us?

If you are a WordPress expert or WordPress themes and plugins specialist, writing for us can be a fantastic way to share your skills and knowledge and grow your reputation in the WordPress community.

We hope to turn this space into a go-to resource point for WordPress users by creating more informative, functional, and resourceful blogs.

We are now inviting guest post submissions to aid in the site’s growth and help more and more WordPress aspirants and users.

Guidelines for Guest Posting

How Does It Work?

Follow the procedures outlined below to write for us.

  • Writing a Blog: Based on the parameters outlined here, you can choose any topic.
  • Getting your work published: If your piece matches our criteria, we’ll post it and notify you when it’s available on our site.

Please read and follow the guidelines carefully if you want to write for us and feature on the WPXStudios blog community.

Type of content:

  • Content format: You will need to list the articles, add comparisons, reviews, tutorials, how-to guides, tips, tricks, etc.
  • Subject: It must be connected to WordPress and valuable to at least one group of WordPress users as a subject. The topic could be content, designing, website performance, security, SEO requirements, or anything else that will benefit those who use or work with WordPress.

The quality of content:

  • Content must be beneficial: The material shared should be able to bring value to the knowledge and skills of the users. Therefore, you will need to share your expertise and generate high-quality content that solves a problem or helps the reader improve their understanding.
  • High-quality: The article must be well-researched, grammatically correct in English, and plagiarism-free. We only want the best for our reader’s community; thus, content quality is highly essential to us.
  • Unique and original content: The content should be unique and should have never been published before.
  • Give credit: Cite or link to reliable and relevant sources with outgoing links, high authority websites, and internal links. Both forms of hyperlinks are essential.
  • Article length: At least add 1000 words to your article.
  • Add media: Make sure you have enough media items such as images, infographics, videos, links, etc. You must ensure that all of the media you add must be completely copyright-free.
  • Copywriting technique: Keep simple, short, and comprehensive sentences and paragraphs. Proper use of keywords, etc. Appropriate headings, subheadings, lists, and bullets wherever possible.
  • Grammar-proof writing: Essay is free of errors and grammatically reviewed

What is rejected?

Any article that does not meet the requirements or violates the rules listed for the ‘Type of Content’ and ‘Quality of Content’ sections will be rejected from our end.

In addition, there are several scenarios in which your article might be declined:

  • Link building: We will immediately reject articles you submit that intend to be used in a link-building scheme.
  • Marketing: We also reject any content written only for marketing purposes or if the articles include biases or affiliates.

Content review and moderation

Before the article is published, we will rigorously review any content from the guest author to meet the company criteria.

In the event of minor adjustments or editing, we can edit the content of our contributors to assist them in the process. Finally, we will pass the final draft to the respective guest author before publication.

*WPXStudios will have the right to approve or reject any items that the guest authors submit.

*If the guidelines are not followed or violated, we have the right to deny the blogs outright, and no further questions will be answered after that.

How to submit?

Please contact us through email if you have met all of the above requirements and criteria. We will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about the status of your blog,

Are you looking forward to becoming a part of the web developers community?

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