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Code Audits

Frequent analyzing source code becomes vital as it checks for bugs, breaches, or violations in the programming. In addition, it provides the perfect opportunity to stay focused and practice optimization.

Several signs show that your website may need a code audit soon. For example, you may receive a notice that your website is violating some legal standards, you may not trust the work of your previous developer, or your website might not have been updated for a few years. That’s where WPXStudios comes to your rescue – Get a complete code audit done!

Where We Excel At Identifying Code Weaknesses of a Website

We have worked for a range of clients catering to different industries and niches ranging from finance and high-profile entertainment to educational institutions. They all have only one thing in common: the need for a well-functional and secure code. While WordPress code has an excellent track record of reducing security problems found in any third-party code, we thrive more to eliminate the prospects of bugs and security problems altogether.

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Interested in learning more about our code audit services and understanding how they can help your business? You can avail of a no-obligation website consultation with one of our expert designers at your convenience.

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Signs of Poor Code Quality

  • Your website seems to load slowly and portrays poor performance
  • SEO problems – low performance in search engines
  • Content editing takes considerable time as the website is challenging to use in a CMS
  • The website seems to be unreliable as it crashes anytime for no apparent reason
  • Past security problems – website might be hacked earlier
  • Deployment of new features requires significant testing efforts
  • After the deployment, bugs reappear across the website.

Problems to Look For During a WordPress Code Review

  • The website does not work on the latest browsers and different devices
  • The code is poorly written and unstructured
  • The website becomes slow if the code is not optimized for speed
  • The code is not optimized in terms of SEO practices
  • The website doesn’t follow the recommended security practices
  • The used hosting service is not fast enough or secure
  • Professional deployment processes not set or followed
  • The code is filled with ineffective and unused code.

Why WPXStudios ?

Our team of experts thoroughly performs a complete and comprehensive analysis of your existing code. Each line of the website code is inspected – its sections, flaws, the purpose, and whether or not the objective is achieved. During the inspection, we determine where the problem lies and strategize on how to eliminate that issue. In addition, we use various tools to examine different areas like functionality, performance, security, sanitization of input, and non-compliance in any regard.

After determining all the issues on different fronts, we offer our recommendations and solutions on how the website can be changed for the better. At WPXStudios, we have the expertise and affordable solutions for all website issues.

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