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What Is WordPress Accessibility Audit?

Everybody has the right to use the web. Websites undertake accessible designing to enhance the user experience for their visitors. They do so to prevent discrimination towards people based on their location and location.

But is recognizing “website accessibility” enough? Definitely not, since the work goes much beyond that. It is essential to have an in-depth understanding of the WordPress accessibility audit. After that, you can design your website according to the norms of website accessibility to leave your website visitors contented.

By undertaking accessibility audits on your WordPress website, you are taking a step toward delivering a better experience for your users. It provides better visibility, performance, a better understanding of your websites’ drawbacks, and well-structured solutions.

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Importance of Accessibility Audits

What is accessibility? It refers to people’s ability to acquire or access something. It could either be a place, product, service- anything. Given the same logic, website accessibility ensures everybody gets the same access to your website, especially those with disabilities.

In the present times, where everything and everybody is online, the Internet must be accessible to all without any prejudice. This allows equal opportunities for all. By integrating accessibility audits, you make your website a better place for your audience. This can be done with enhanced SEO practices, usability, and design.

As a WordPress user, you could be making common accessibility mistakes unknowingly. For example, an abortive translation process, preferring style over practical functionality, or not complying with government policy regarding web accessibility.

With the help of accessibility audits, you can identify and take a step into solving several issues with your websites. This will help improve the standard of user experience of your website.

How Do We Undertake WordPress Accessibility Audit?

Conducting regular WordPress accessibility audits help your users access your WordPress website without any hindrances. This improves user experience and engagement, especially for those dealing with disabilities.

  • We review the WCAG 2.0 guidelines to understand the foundation of website accessibility.
  • We create a review checklist in the form of a guiding framework to conduct the audit successfully.
  • We validate your code with the W3C Markup Tool. This helps ensure the fulfillment of the technical criteria in terms of languages used on your website.
  • We conduct screen reader compatibility testing to enhance the overall experience for visually-impaired visitors.
  • We use tools to check the color contrast of your website.
  • Finally, we test the keyboard navigation of your website.

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