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Hire dedicated remote Web Designer

Hire specialized web designers from WPXStudios to boost your company’s productivity with one-of-a-kind online solutions.
We provide skilled web designers for every need. You may employ our web designers to create unique websites.

  • Rapid Development
  • Modern Coding Skills
  • Simple to Scale
  • Zero Hiring Costs
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We think we can provide you with the best web design services at an accessible price with our skilled team.
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Our Web Designers Can Assist You With

SEO Friendly Web Design Services | WPXStudios
SEO Friendly Web Design Services | WPXStudios

SEO-Friendly Web Design

We have a lot of experience working on cross-domain projects. In addition, you may employ website designers from us who are up to date on the newest SEO protocols and can successfully integrate them into web design.

Interactive UI & UX Creation Services | WPXStudios
Interactive UI & UX Creation Services | WPXStudios

Creating Interactive UI/UX

When developing a website, we place a strong emphasis on quality UI/UX design. We combine our creativity with cutting-edge technology to create visually appealing websites. Hire web designers from us to provide an excellent user experience.

Logo Design Services | WPXStudios
Logo Design Services | WPXStudios

Logo Design

Building a website logo is critical for improving corporate identification. Our web design team will develop fascinating concepts to help a company stand out in the online world. In addition, we will create enticing logo designs to suit the brand name.

Newsletter Design Services | WPXStudios
Newsletter Design Services | WPXStudios

Newsletter Design

We specialize in designing personalized and responsive newsletters for businesses. Hire our expert web designers to create a newsletter to improve engagement and persuade consumers to take action.

Hire dedicated remote Web Designer | WPXStudios

Benefits of Working with Us

  • As a Web, UI/UX design business, we are primarily a web and mobile development company with a solid technological foundation. As a result, as a general rule, our website designs are evaluated from a technical aspect.
  • Hire online web designers from our imaginative Web designers with 3+ years of hands-on experience in averting attractive, clever, and engaging web design solutions is our specialties.
  • It offers a 40-60% cost reduction compared to in-house or local development.
  • Communication via Skype/Slack/Email is seamless.
  • Flexible engagement models and tried-and-true techniques.
  • Web design security and complete secrecy are guaranteed.
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Reasons to Hire WPXStudios' Dedicated Website Designers

We have a team of competent and creative web designers with extensive web design expertise. Our talented designers come up with fresh concepts and produce cutting-edge designs.


Web Designers with Expertise

We have a team of skilled web designers who have previously created designs for various company sectors. They stay up to speed on the newest web design trends to provide value to the design process.


Quick turn-around

Our crew is highly proactive when it comes to project delivery. From the initial concept to the final deployment stage, web designers collaborate to ensure timely delivery to clients.


Models of Flexible Engagement

We understand that each project has its own set of requirements. To efficiently satisfy such expectations, we provide a variety of engagement models in which clients may employ web designers on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. As a result, our professional site designers meet all of your requests.


Complete Security

You may anticipate more excellent protection for your project's idea when you engage specialist web designers from us. This is because we initially signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with our clients to ensure that we entirely protect their initiatives.


Increased Contentment

We are adamant about establishing a positive relationship with our clientele. As a result, our designers have completed various projects with a high level of satisfaction. As a result of this, we have a great customer.


Communication that works

Our skilled web designers maintain open lines of contact with all of our clients and keep them up to speed on the status of their projects regularly. In addition, we use powerful communication channels such as chat, email, Skype, etc.

Hire talents & skills as per your needs.

Part Time


  • Hire professional part-time Web Designer
  • Hours: 4 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • Billing: Bi-Weekly

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Full Time


  • Hire professional full-time Web Designer
  • Hours: 8 hours per day, 5 days per week
  • Billing: Bi-Weekly

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Dedicated Team


  • Hire Web Designer along with Web Developer, Project Manager & QA tester
  • Hours: min. 50hrs
  • Billing: Bi-Weekly

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Our Clients

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  • Gil Orbach Joy Scholarship Fund logo | WPXStudios
  • Fahrradabo inkl. logo | WPXStudios
  • Polarcamp : Campingplass i Nordland logo | WPXStudios
When you hire Web Designers from us, you save upto 60% on salaries.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a large staff of competent specialists that are highly experienced in producing elegant and engaging designs. In addition, our team has the most inventive ideas by combining their years of various field expertise.

  • We have a qualified team of website developers on staff.
  • Timely turnaround.
  • Seamless communication.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Project Management Without Hassle.
  • We promise transparency.

Successful web designers should have the following abilities:

Detail-orientedness: Web designers must pay close attention to detail because minor flaws in website coding can lead to major ones.

Communication skills: Web designers must have excellent speaking, writing, listening, and reading abilities to grasp website requirements and effectively communicate demands to colleagues.

Computer literacy: Web designers must be fluent in conventional website programming languages such as HTML and PHP, and many must also understand the fundamentals of languages such as XML, SQL, and JavaScript. Most web designers must also be familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator design software.

Creativity: Web designers must be creative to transform a company’s demands and ideas into a visual concept. They must also stay up to industry trends to keep their designs relevant.

Problem-solving abilities: To repair mistakes and increase website performance, web designers must be able to spot difficulties, assess possibilities, and effectively execute solutions.

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