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How to Plan a Website Project?

At WPXStudios, we have a systematic approach to planning and executing the entire WordPress development process from scratch.


Creating a specific plan for success.

As we begin our work with WPXStudios, our first priority is to develop a targeted plan that aligns with the goals and criteria established during the onboarding phase. This planning stage involves thorough research and careful consideration of the project as a whole.

During this phase, we take a step back to evaluate the project and determine the best course of action to achieve our desired outcome. Our team draws on their experience and industry knowledge to identify trends and user expectations, and to come up with innovative solutions to enhance these expectations.

As we delve deeper into the project, new ideas and techniques may arise. This is an exciting opportunity for us to push the boundaries and find new ways to achieve our goals.

To kickstart the creative process, we create rough wireframes for key pages. We continue to refine and iterate on these wireframes until we have a strong concept ready for presentation.


We are bringing the wireframes to life with design.

Once we have solidified the wireframes, we move into the design phase, bringing them to life.

Before we begin, we look closely at the current brand guidelines and consider how we can expand and enhance them to accommodate new growth and a fully functioning website.

Sometimes, companies may have a logo but need consistent graphic elements throughout their brand. We may start by creating or refining supportive graphic elements depending on the needs and current brand guidelines. This is important in supporting the website and communicating the desired message through visual branding. We aim to create a consistent aesthetic that aligns with the company’s marketing efforts, making it easy for visitors to recognize the brand.


We are bringing the design to a functional website through development.

The development phase is a crucial aspect of the process at WPXStudios. Therefore, we consider development concerns throughout the project to keep it on track and within budget.

During the strategy phase, we evaluate development-related items against project goals and new ideas as they arise. This approach helps us quickly implement exciting new ideas while also ensuring that the project scope is always under consideration.

By placing a strong emphasis on development from the beginning, we can ensure that the design phase is correctly supported without compromising quality, time, or budget is essential for the project’s success.


We are finalizing and launching the project.

After the development phase is completed, the project is moved to a staging environment where you can preview it as it will appear to the public. The staging environment is a secure area you and our team can only access. We continue to work together, populate content, and address any issues that may arise during this stage.

We pay close attention to the details during this phase, ensuring that the content looks and behaves as it should, and we fill in any small gaps that may have been missed during previous stages. This is where we put the final touches on the project.

Once the site is fully staged and ready to be launched, we develop an optimal plan for rolling it out to the public.


We are assessing progress and making improvements.

As we work on a project, new ideas often arise, and the project evolves. Therefore, our team welcomes and encourages idea generation throughout the process.

Once the platform is ready, we coordinate the launch plan and the promotional strategy for going live. We aim to make the deployment as smooth as possible and schedule campaigns immediately after the website is fully available.

We prioritize maintaining project scope to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. In addition, any new ideas during the process are recorded and reviewed as potential goals for future project iterations.


We are creating a solid foundation for a successful website.

Launching a website is just the first step. We will continue to monitor traffic, analyze data and gather customer feedback to improve your platform for success continually.

We offer various services to support and maintain your website, including regular updates and expert assistance in troubleshooting and answering WordPress-related questions. In addition, our WordPress support and maintenance contracts ensure that your site stays secure and up-to-date and that you can access our expert development and consulting services as needed.

We ensure optimal performance and security, and server work is also necessary. Based on your business needs and traffic expectations, we will fine-tune your hosting server setup for scalability and conduct a series of test samples.

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