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WordPress SEO Audit & Fix Services | WPXStudios

WordPress SEO Audit / Fixes Services

When building a new website, search engine friendliness must be on top of your checklist.

Would you love to be put on hold? Would you enjoy waiting in the waiting room for hours while the others get to go ahead of you?

You do not fancy that idea, do you? Chances are, your website feels the same way with the lack of SEO optimization. Identify the problem on your end by checking the page loading capacity of your website.

With more online content, your WordPress website could be under a lot of pressure. But speed customization can fix that and get your website up and running with high speed and performance.

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Our Clients

Our clients’ frequent feedback on our WordPress websites motivates us to create better and better work every day. You can have a look at it through our diverse portfolio.

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What Does Our Service Entail?

  • Analysis of the Website Performance: The experts at WPXStudios perform a detailed performance analysis of your WordPress website. This helps us understand the lagging and drawbacks of your website. 
  • Technical Support: Our team of developers offers 100% technical support through quick and seamless communication and practical advice. 
  • Assessment of 15+ Performance Elements: We spent ample time decoding the issues with your websites. It could be anything from coding to design. 
  • Quick Solutions: Once we finish our analysis, we use the data to identify the issues and provide practical solutions. 
  • Additional Suggestions: Once the problems have been addressed, we provide additional solutions and fixes to optimize your WordPress website. This could include removing plugins or switching the servers. In a way, a comprehensive WordPress SEO audit.

Technical WordPress SEO Services

Along with designing, building, and relaunching your new WordPress website, we offer exhaustive WordPress SEO audit with the following services:

  • Site Map: We install and configure the sitemap.xml plugin.
  • Google Analytics: We install and configure the Google Analytics plugin to check our progress. 
  • SEO Plugin: We install and configure either Yoast SEO or any other SEO plugin of your liking. 
  • 301 Redirects: We create and test the 301 redirects to maintain continuity between your new and old WordPress website. 
  • Our WordPress website audit and speed optimization services solve several issues. For example, slow loading websites, Core Web Vital problems, troubleshooting slow backend matters, etc. In addition, we aim for your website to score higher in the Google PageSpeed insights. 
  • Image Compression: We install and configure the image compression plugin for a faster website. 
  • SSL Certificate: We enable HTTPS for your WordPress site. This helps increase its Google ranking.
  • Caching: We install and configure the caching plugin as Google rewards faster websites with better ranking. 

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