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Illustator to WordPress Theme Development Services | WPXStudios

Illustator to WordPress Theme Development

We aid digital agencies in custom-coding WordPress websites from Illustrator files, Sketch, Adobe XD, or Figma. Whatsoever they prefer!

We aim to create a smooth process for agencies to develop websites for their clients.

  • Speedy Development
  • Modern Standards
  • Easily Scalable
  • Zero Hiring Cost
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What does our Illustrator to WordPress theme service entail?

Our mission is to make it easy for agencies to create websites for their clients. That requires more than just skilled developers.



Weekly meetings, personal account manager, your coding preferences on file, and more.


Quality assurance

Our quality assurance team checks each site thoroughly before you review the result.


Project management

Your account manager works with you on every project to collect specifications, provide quotes and oversee the development in our office.


90-day guarantee

We code all sites with close attention to detail. In addition to checking quality on all projects, we also guarantee the result by offering 90 days of free bug-fixing.

WordPress Conversion services | WPXStudios

WordPress Websites Created Through Customized Coding

We believe that your clients appreciate the value of a custom design website. Therefore, we build each website to match your Illustator or Sketch files with a custom coded WordPress theme instead of using premium themes.

Since we use Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types, you and your clients will have complete control of the content from the admin page.

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Process from Illustator to a WordPress theme

The process for our Illustator to WordPress service allows you to get a fixed-price quote before we start, and to review and get your feedback taken care of before delivery.


We collect your specifications

A Illustator to WordPress project starts with the collection of your specifications, ideally:

a) Layered design files (PSD, Sketch, Adobe XD or similar)
b) Detailed instructions for functionality and UI/UX elements
c) Preferred timeline


We quote your project

Based on the designs and instructions, we provide you a fixed-price quote for development. Upon acceptance, we schedule the project with the next available developer that has the right qualifications.


We code your theme

The site is coded according to your provided specifications, following all general preferences that we might have picked up during our previous collaboration with you. After two rounds of internal quality control, we send the site to you for review.


We deliver your site

When we’re ready to show you the result, you get a chance to provide as much feedback as you need to get the project ready for delivery. Upon acceptance of the result, we transfer the files and database to a location that you specify.

Wordpress Conversion Service agency | WPXStudios

Onboarding process for new partners

Here’s what our onboarding process will look like once you reach out to us:

  • We have a call We prefer to get on a call early to get to know your agency and make sure we fully understand your needs before we start a first project together.
  • First project The first project is our chance to start the learning curve and capture any preferences or assumptions that either of us brought to the collaboration that weren’t already accounted for.
  • Next two projects After a thorough review of our first project, we make any necessary adjustments to how we build your sites and then continue with a couple of new ones.
  • Establishing a partnership It usually takes three projects before we consider a partnership to be established, and that’s just the start of it. We invest much time in each partnership to make sure it becomes as steady and reliable for you as possible.

What Should You Expect From Us?

When you hire us for your Illustator to WordPress project, here's what you can expect...


Pixel-perfect Conversion

We pay extreme attention to get your Illustator designs converted precisely, the first time around so you don't have to waste time testing and reporting issues.


Ultra Fast, Scalable Website

We write lean and robust code that keeps the page load speed very high and makes the site fast loading and highly scalable.


Responsive Website

We deliver fully responsive websites that look good on all screen sizes, from small screens of mobiles and tablets to bigger screens of laptops & monitors.


High Standard Code Quality

With 8+ years of experience, we know how to code in WordPress the right way. We write code that's clean, well commented, SEO friendly and bug-free.


Cross Browser Compatible

We thoroughly test your website and make it compatible with all modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE (10+) and others.


White Label and NDA

We provide white-labelled service and we can sign NDA if required. We can work as your covert WordPress development partners.


Delivered on Time, Always!

We're obsessed about delivering on time. As soon as the project starts, everyone on the team knows what to do because of our rock-solid processes. This ensures on-time delivery, always.


World Class Support

We're always available to answer your queries and solve any issue that might occur during or after delivery of the website. You even get a free 30-days of support period, post-deployment.

Our Clients

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  • Gil Orbach Joy Scholarship Fund logo | WPXStudios
  • Military Medical Malpractice Lawyers logo | WPXStudios
  • Boomit Performance Marketing logo | WPXStudios
We offer Illustator to WordPress development both as standalone projects with no further commitment, and through renting out our skilled developers to your agency.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our approach ensures that our client is as involved as much as they want to be. If you want control over every single detail related to your project, we offer adding you to our GitLab.

However, if you don’t want to be involved and just want us to contact you when the project is finished, we’ll also be happy to do business with you. Before the project even starts, we’ll give you a quote for the price and a deadline for the project’s completion, and you can rest assured we’ll deliver on it.

Our clients prefer many different types of designing software, and we try our best to support all of them. That’s why, at the moment, we support Photoshop, Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch and Illustrator.

Yes, we can take care of installing and configuring websites on a server.

Yes, we have our very own in-house design team that takes care of designs if you don’t have your own. Aside from that, we offer WordPress Support, Front-End or Back-End development, Maintenance , Hosting and Retainer services.

Transition from Illustrator to WordPress

Why should you invest in transforming your Illustrator files to WordPress?

It is because WordPress has limitations when it comes to filing uploads. It only allows users to upload raw files. If you try to upload an Illustrator file, you will encounter an error message like, “Sorry, the file type is not permitted for security reasons.”

But why does WordPress do so? Does it not consider Illustrator files as safe?

Even though Illustrator files are safe, WordPress security prefers to lock down all kinds of file uploads to safeguard its platform from getting hacked. Since WordPress powers more than 455 million websites, security measures are necessary.

While it secures the site, it becomes inconvenient for users to upload vector graphics files to the site. This is why businesses prefer to convert Illustrator to WordPress to make it more convenient for their visitors to upload the necessary files through the contact forms.

While several people prefer using premium themes for converting Illustrator files to WordPress, we believe in doing it from scratch. We provide custom-coded website designs to provide complete control to our clients.

Looking for a WordPress development partner

Look no further! WPXStudios can build custom web design for you!

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