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During the Discovery Phase, your primary task will be to design and alter the presentation layer of HTML templates and web apps according to the client’s standards and those set by a Lead Engineer.

During the whole development lifetime of a project and after it ships, you’ll work as part of a team with Backend Engineers, Project Leads, Project Managers, and other partners.
Bootstrap, Sass, jQuery, NPM/Gulp/Webpack, Git, and PHP are some technologies you’ll be working with.


  • Using the Bootstrap Framework and current workflows and technologies, create responsive, accessible, high-quality HTML templates that adhere to W3C Coding Standards.
  • Convert layered design mockups and assets to a valid PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript code.
  • Improve web apps’ speed, scalability, and maintainability.
  • Complete tasks following project milestones and meet established timelines.
  • On feature validation and code reviews, collaborate directly with Senior or Lead Engineers.
  • Participate in the project team and department calls and communicate the status of your work to Project Managers.
  • With our time tracking software, you can keep an accurate time record.


Because the front-end developer is indeed the hero of website/app development, they require a well-stocked personal toolset. As a result, a front-end developer must be able to:

  • You’ve worked as a Front-end Engineer or an equivalent role for at least two years.
  • Using development tools such as PHP/HTML/Sass/JavaScript, you can convert layered design mockups to HTML templates.
  • You’re familiar with the WordPress theme structure, template hierarchy, template tags, custom post meta, internationalization, and data escaping and sanitization.
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related subject.
  • You understand how to use Git (GitHub) for version management and branching.
  • You have an excellent grasp of JavaScript, and expertise with React and jQuery is a plus.
  • Participate in the project team and department calls and communicate the status of your work to Project Managers.
  • With our time tracking software, you can keep an accurate time record.
  • You have a thorough understanding of accessibility guidelines.
  • The use of the terminal/command line is a plus.
  • Build tools like Gulp and Webpack are a plus.
  • Sketch/Illustration/Abobe XD/Photoshop/InVision are all tools that I am familiar with.


Although it is not needed, having prior experience with or an interest in learning the following three ways would be advantageous:

  • Plugin for Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Plugin for Gravity Forms.
  • REST APIs in the Yoast SEO plugin, particularly the WordPress REST API Gutenbe.

Find Your Career at WPXStudios

Here at WPXStudios, we pride ourselves on being home to an intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated group of individuals who are always looking to grow!

Even though we work all over the country, we’re a close and collaborative team passionate about building solutions that help people and organizations maximize their exposure online in the most efficient, streamlined, and beautiful ways possible.


We take great pleasure in being home to a clever, dynamic, and devoted group of people here at WPXStudios, and we are always looking to expand!

We’re a tightly-knit and collaborative team passionate about inventing solutions that assist people and organizations in optimizing their website’s reputation in the most effective, streamlined, and elegant manner possible, even though we work all over the country.


Being a part of WPXStudios entails much more than just a job. Every day, we seek to encourage enthusiasm, creativity, innovation, and pride in what we do. In addition, we pursue our employees to show us where they excel, and we prioritize each person’s abilities and interests in our projects.

Without our staff and the fantastic work they do daily, we would be unable to accomplish what we do. They are the essential resource we have. We understand that your best self emerges when you enjoy what you do.


A front-end developer, often known as a front-end web developer, is a person who is in charge of the interface’s design and execution. The users require this interface to access the program in question. A web designer is a person who crafts the look and feel of a website. The front-end developer uses coding languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to ensure the design works online. We also need our front-end engineer to possess some unique qualities. We have listed them below.

  • An attitude of acceptance, a high level of dedication, and a desire to assist others are desirable qualities.
  • As a member of the team and a leader, be supportive.
  • Be forthright and respectful.
  • Not hesitant to seek assistance, teachable, works well under pressure, and adaptable when “stuff happens.”
  • Understand the importance of meeting deadlines and completing a wide variety of jobs for the whole week.
  • Willing to participate in company-sponsored training sessions to improve their skills.
  • I’m looking forward to contributing to open-source technologies.
  • While working remotely, they easily connect with their team via Slack and engage in video calls.


We recognize the importance of supporting your overall well-being and ensure that our benefits package reflects our dedication to our employees. Here’s a list of benefits you will be provided with if you are affiliated with our company.

  • Medical finances are taken care of.
  • Sick leave is provided at no cost to the employee.
  • Flexible work schedules.
  • Generous paid vacation time.
  • Available from anywhere.
  • Parental leave is allotted.
  • You can continue your education.
  • Salary is competitive.
  • A day off for your birthday.