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For our clients, you create websites and applications. Daily, you interact with clients and our team to create client websites/template offerings, from first wireframes to full ideas ready for our Engineering team to implement to finished deliverables. You’ll collaborate on the technical requirements and roadmap for moving a project from Strategy & Design to active development and Engineering with our Strategy department.

You’ll be leading workshops/discussions with clients, driving towards an understanding of brand promise, emotion, mood, and expectations, and collaborating on the technical requirements and roadmap for moving a project from Strategy & Design to active development and Engineering.


  • Through design exploration and final design deliverables, lead design discussions with the customer.
  • To guide clients through the design process, create mood boards/storyboards, illustrations, style tiles, and other visual representations of the design.
  • Create style guidelines, annotated comps, user guides, and other deliverables to ensure that the core components of a website design solution are preserved while it is developed.
  • Create inventive, engaging, and responsive web and mobile layouts and experiences—creating website designs and putting together example websites.
  • Iterate on design deliverables, from sketches to comps to actual in-browser implementations, focusing on multi-device responsiveness and cross-browser/platform cohesiveness.
  • Present design solutions to client stakeholders confidently, conveying design judgments and reasons and integrating website design with the project’s functional and business goals.
  • Collaborate on interactive prototypes, animations, and production-ready web experiences with front-end engineers.
  • Collaborate on technical needs with the Strategy team to bring design goods to digital reality.
  • Ability to adhere to our client’s and team leaders’ standards.
  • Communicate successes, difficulties, and updates with team leaders frequently.
  • Using your experience and eye for outstanding design, help the team develop innovative design and content production ideas.
  • With our time tracking software, you can keep an accurate time record.


  • At least three years of experience with responsive web visual design.
  • Communication and listening skills are second to none.
  • Modern web trends, strategies, and technology are second nature to her.
  • Strong knowledge of web typography, responsive website design, and what it takes to design for a multi-device world.
  • A good portfolio that demonstrates digital design abilities and the ability to identify what makes them successful.
  • Knowledge of web standards and usability.
  • Have a collaborative, self-motivated approach and a desire to find and solve design problems.
  • Strong conceptualization skills.
  • Exceptional attention to detail.
  • Adobe Creative Suite is something I know a lot about. Abode XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator, in particular.
  • Working knowledge of Invision.
  • Understanding the WordPress platform’s capabilities.
  • Managing various projects at the same time is a must.
  • Must be able to operate under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • It would be an add-on to have: Ability to prototype experiences and, if necessary, assist with the front-end development process.
  • A diploma in a related discipline that is relevant.
  • HTML & CSS, JQuery, and JavaScript are examples of front-end development web programming languages.
  • Search engine optimization principles are well-understood.


We take pleasure in being home to a clever, dynamic, and devoted group of people here at WPXStudios, and we’re always looking to expand! We’re a close and collaborative team passionate about inventing solutions that assist people and organizations optimizing in optimizing their online visibility in the most effective, streamlined, and elegant manner possible, even though we work all over the country.


Being a part of WPXStudios entails much more than just a job. Every day, we seek to encourage enthusiasm, creativity, innovation, and pride in what we do. We pursue our employees to show us where they excel, and we prioritize optimizing each person’s abilities and interests in our projects. Without our staff and the fantastic work they do daily, we would not be able to accomplish what we do. They are the essential resource we have. We understand that your best self emerges when you enjoy what you do.


Both university graduates and school dropouts can pursue a career in web design. However, employers are likely to look for graduates with a degree in digital media design or a similar field for positions advertised to graduates. Whether you have a relevant degree, you must be ready to provide a portfolio of your best web design work. But there are some qualities we would like to see in our ideal candidate for this job.

  • An optimistic attitude, a strong work ethic, and a desire to assist others are desirable qualities.
  • As a team member and a leader, be supportive.
  • Be forthright and respectful.
  • Not hesitant to seek assistance, teachable, quick to learn, and adaptable when “stuff occurs.”
  • Recognize the significance of meeting deadlines and being able to perform a variety of tasks throughout the week.
  • Willing to take part in company-sponsored training sessions to improve their skills.
  • I’m looking forward to contributing to open-source technologies.
  • While working remotely, they easily connect with their team via Slack and engage in video calls.


We recognize how critical it is for businesses to encourage your overall well-being, and we make sure that our benefits package represents our commitment to our employees.

  • Medical finances are taken care of.
  • Sick Leave is provided at no cost to the employee.
  • Flexible work schedules.
  • Generous paid vacation time.
  • Available From anywhere.
  • Parental Leave is allotted.
  • You can continue your education.
  • Salary is competitive.
  • A day off for your birthday.