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Bigcommerce To Wordpress Migration | WPXStudios

Migrate Hassle-free From BigCommerce to WordPress

Old is gold for a reason—because it’s reliable and efficient. So it’s no wonder that developers favor WordPress as a trusty CMS platform over other emerging players. However, if you are still unsure, glance through these benefits to knowing why WordPress remains a popular choice from corporate behemoths to up-and-coming startups:

  • User-friendly approach
  • Freedom to personalize your website
  • Unfussy front-end features
  • Hassle-free hosting with minimal steps
  • Complete ownership of your website
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If you want to make the big transition from BigCommerce to WordPress, count on WPXStudios to do the job effortlessly.
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Converting From Bigcommerce To Wordpress | WPXStudios

Why choose WPXStudios Web Development Agency for BigCommerce to WordPress Migration?

We have been migrating websites for a long time to know our way around the technicalities and challenges. Here are some reasons why our partners find our services credible:

  • Seasoned WordPress Agency
  • Skilled WordPress Migration Team
  • Fast & results-driven websites
  • Ethical & future-proof SEO strategies
  • Standard coding practices
  • ADA compliant accessible Web Design
  • Robust website architecture
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A breakdown of our Bigcommerce to WordPress Conversion process

As a premier web development agency specializing in WordPress-BigCommerce Migration, we have the right mix of resources, expertise, and technical know-how to bring about the transition like a dream!



The first step of the process starts with us understanding your reasons for switching from BigCommerce to WordPress. Then, based on your insights and needs, we establish a strategy for your eCommerce store's growth-centric, scalable presence.


Functional & Aesthetic Integration

The most crucial step in WordPress BigCommerce migration is the retention of the website's functionalities and features while making it compatible with the new platform. Our experts take care of everything—from theme integration to customization.


Data Transfer

Our WordPress Migration experts will safely transfer all your existing BigCommerce content, such as products, reviews, blogs, menus, etc., to WordPress without disrupting your old URLs and SEO ranking.


Site Launch

Once the data migration process is complete, our experts move on to the next vital step of the process—testing. Our next important job is to see whether your new website ticks all the boxes. We conduct tests to check loading time, SEO, device responsiveness, etc.



A high-performing website requires a top-notch web hosting partner. We offer scalable and feature-packed plans for a high-speed web experience.


Maintenance & Support

As a leading web development agency that provides first-rate managed WordPress hosting solutions, we handle all the technical aspects of your website, including CDN, backup, SSL, and security scanning. As a result, you can focus on your business, knowing that your website is working faster and better.

WPXStudios Team

Migrating from BigCommerce to WordPress becomes hassle-free with the technical proficiency of WPXStudio’s expert team.

Factoring in the moving parts and technical framework required in platform migration, WPXStudios put together a seasoned team of WordPress website developers and web designers. With their prowess and experience, you can rest assured that the migration of your website will be fail-safe, hassle-free, and well-optimized.

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Choosing WordPress over Bigcommerce is a Smart Choice for you.

While both Bigcommerce and WordPress are well-known open-source eCommerce giants, the latter shines well on many fronts. Scalability, flexibility, and versatility are crucial factors for your online business. WordPress is a powerful alternative to BigCommerce. So let’s delve deep into the reasons why you should migrate from BigCommerce to WordPress:

WordPress is more SEO-friendly

Your eCommerce storefront’s success depends on its ranking. WordPress’s adaptability makes it popular for websites, allowing them to catapult their visibility on SERPs. In addition, WordPress gives way more freedom to elevate your SEO game than BigCommerce. Google needs to understand your eCommerce site better to give your storefront a top spot. Showing up on the result page maximizes your chances of getting discovered by people looking for products you sell. WordPress enables you to closely edit and monitor your SEO through metal titles, meta descriptions, image alt text, and URLs.

For speed optimization, WordPress trumps BigCommerce. WordPress is inherently SEO-friendly, designed with lean code, allowing faster load times without consuming server resources. Another reason for migrating from BigCommerce to WordPress is leaning towards high-quality content. Google favors relevant content-laden pages and information-rich blogs.

WordPress offers more scalability

As your eCommerce business evolves, you will want to incorporate new features and plug-ins to support the influx of visitors. And the last thing you want is your website taking painfully long to load or go down. With WordPress, you can make seamless additions to accommodate any number of site visitors. From leveling up your hosting plan to tacking in extra features to even out the load and speed, WordPress allows for greater flexibility compared to BigCommerce.

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