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Blogger To Wordpress Migration | WPXStudios

Glitch-free Blogger to WordPress Migration

Blogger is hands down, a go-to choice for beginners. But those who want to widen their website’s aesthetic and monetary potential find it restrictive. As a result, many are leaning towards WordPress for these reasons:

  • Fuss-free user management
  • Ironclad Security
  • Design flexibility and features
  • Easy front-end
  • SEO-friendliness
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Trust the highly efficient WordPress Migration Service of WPXStudios to transfer your data from Blogger to WordPress without any hiccups.
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Converting From Blogger To Wordpress | WPXStudios

What makes WPXStudios a reliable Website Migration Service?

Our team comprises experienced professionals who have helped many renowned companies optimize their websites for business growth and performance. In addition to this, we are also known for:

  • Client-first approach
  • Fluid designs
  • Lightning-fast websites
  • Secure coding practices
  • Ethical SEO techniques
  • ADA compliant web design
  • High-level web architecture
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A low-down on our Blogger to WordPress Migration approach

​​As a seasoned web development agency offering flawless WordPress Site Migration Service, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all. Your CMS transition calls for a tailored approach that mitigates risks and negates data loss during the transition process.



The process begins with an initial consultation. The idea is to scan your existing platform and discuss your vision for re-platforming from Blogger to WordPress.


Front End Development

Once we sign off on the proposed solution, our experts initiate the aesthetic and functional features migration. Naturally, our team exercises utmost caution to ensure no adverse effect on crucial data.


Data Migration

Our website migration service eliminates the costly risk of data loss, visibility, SEO ranking, and URL structure. We securely transfer all your existing Blogger content to WordPress, such as posts, pages, categories, comments, feed, and media.


Site Launch

After completing the data migration process, our team runs tests to identify and correct mistakes. We examine the functionalities, links, loading time, SEO, device responsiveness, and more to ensure everything is in place and intact.



As a WordPress Migration Agency, we also offer first-rate servers. Our hosting options give your website the scope and space to perform better and scale.



WPXStudios provides top-notch managed WordPress hosting solutions to amplify your website's visibility and conversions. With our speed-optimized infrastructure and a dedicated Maintenance Plan, your website is in safe hands.

WPXStudios Team

Converting your website from Blogger to WordPress becomes seamless with the expertise of WPXStudio’s highly certified team.

While changing from one CMS platform to another has become easy, it’s still a technical job calling for experts. Our WordPress Migration Experts will help you leap from a stagnant platform to a result-driven, future-proof one!

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Why WordPress is a better alternative to Blogger

Converting your Blogger site to WordPress is a monumental decision. It’s not every day you can migrate from one Content Management System to another. WordPress-Blogger migration is a technical undertaking calling for experience and precision. But you arrive at that part only when you want to move on to why WP emerges as a sure-shot winner.

Ownership of your website

Blogger is a free content management system owned by Google. It means you could lose your data in a snap! WordPress is a free content management system owned by Google. It means you could lose your data in a snap!

SEO Compatibility

If you have your website, chances are you understand the significance of SEO and how pivotal it is to your website’s visibility. It’s the reason why many convert from Blogger to WordPress because the former cannot compete with the latter in SEO. With WordPress, you have the freedom to fine-tune your website’s technical and on-page SEO to pull targeted traffic. From editing your meta titles and description to adding internal and external links, you are in charge of how to use the SEO factors to best boost your website’s discoverability. Moreover, if you don’t want the hassle and complexity of doing it all yourself, you can install SEO-friendly plug-ins. As an experienced WordPress agency, our expertise lies in migrating your digital assets from Blogger to WordPress while preserving your ranking.

Looking for a WordPress development partner

Look no further! WPXStudios can build custom web design for you!

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