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Concrete5 To Wordpress Migration | WPXStudios

Concrete5 to WordPress migration

In this day and age of digital marketing, relevance and presentation make a world of difference to your online success. While WordPress and Concrete5 are known CMS platforms, the former trumps the latter in versatility and advanced features. Here are some reasons why you should migrate from Concrete5 to WordPress:

  • A higher market share
  • Ownership of your website
  • Ease of Use
  • Greater SEO compatibility
  • Straightforward front-end
  • Robust security
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Channel the world's popular CMS platform for an impactful presence with our bespoke WordPress Site Migration Service.
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Converting From Concrete5 To Wordpress | WPXStudios

How WPXStudios WordPress Agency Can Help You?

Migrating your website from one CMS to another is a technical process entailing crucial factors from SEO to content quality to everything in between. For this reason, you need the know-how of an experienced web development agency for the precise Concrete5 to WordPress migration. Here’s what we are known for delivering:

  • Client-first approach
  • Intuitive designs
  • Lightning-fast websites
  • Ethical coding practices
  • SEO-focused strategies
  • ADA compliant web design
  • Purposeful web architecture
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Our Concrete5 to WordPress Conversion process

Migrating your data from one platform to another is a tough job. One misstep or a wrong move could result in data loss and SEO rankings. WPXStudios follows a meticulous approach every step along the way so that everything goes error-free.



The first meeting is about understanding your reasons for migrating your CMS platform. We then analyze your current website and draw up the best course of action to bring about seamless conversion.


Front End Development

After we agree on the approach and timelines, our team begins the aesthetic and functional integration of features. Again, we use advanced tools and precision to ensure no anomalies and nasty surprises.


Data Migration

Our WordPress site migration service navigates potential pitfalls and negates any chances of adverse effects on organic reach, data retention, UX, and URL structure. We safely transfer all your existing valuable Concrete5 content to your brand-new WordPress.


Site Launch

Our team will carefully review your new website from technical, SEO, and performance viewpoints post-launch. We rely on world-class tools to detect bugs and deploy efficient responses to the same.



In addition to WordPress Site Migration Service, we also provide high-speed, secure server power for the WordPress ecosystem. Scale up or down your website and keep your operational costs in check with our feature-filled hosting options.



We take the intricacy and time out of website maintenance with our managed WordPress infrastructure. Our savvy experts will keep your website updated, fast-performing, and search engine happy! Stay on the top of your game with industry-leading speed and platform-level protection.

WPXStudios Team

Transfer your website painlessly from Concrete5 to WordPress with WPXStudio’s Website Migration Specialists.

Unfortunately, migrating your CMS from Concrete5 to WordPress is not as easy as copy-pasting data from one platform to another. Therefore, you need an agency that will safely transfer your digital assets to a new location with utmost care. After all, your business deserves a conversion-magnet website that looks good and works great!

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Opting for WordPress over Concrete5 is the right decision for your business.

There are many CMS platforms in the market. WordPress and Concrete5 are open-source content management systems that allow additions and modifications. WordPress is ahead of Concrete5 in versatility, user-friendliness, and SEO optimization. So, let’s dive deep into the factors that call for migrating your website to WordPress:

WordPress offers easy customization.

We can’t emphasize the vital role aesthetics play in creating a winning first impression on the visitors. While both the CMS solutions offer design personalization without needing one to have high-level expertise in coding, WordPress gives more flexibility. In addition, the ease and options that WordPress provides are far superior to Concrete5.

Although Concrete5 also provides free and custom-built options—their make-from-scratch themes fall on the expensive side of the spectrum. Another point to note here is that Concrete5 tailor-made themes are hard to come by, meaning you will have to engage a specialist to do the job at an exorbitant price. The platform’s biggest plus is its theme customization, constructed precisely to fit your business goals. As an experienced WordPress agency, we can create pixel-perfect eCommerce websites from the word go or flesh out a premium theme to harmonize with your brand identity.

WordPress has better SEO capabilities.

Your website’s exposure and discoverability play a vital role in driving traffic. SEO compatibility of WordPress is unmatched, enabling website owners to focus on creating high-quality content, not worrying about ranking. As a result, many online businesses migrate to WordPress, owing to the latter’s no-nonsense approach to SEO. In addition, the vast repository of SEO-optimized plugins, tools, and themes helps your website supercharge its presence.

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