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Drupal To Wordpress Migration | WPXStudios

Drupal to WordPress migration

Drupal is an open-source CMS platform like WordPress. While both are popular, scalable, and versatile, WordPress fares way better than Drupal. Here are some more pros of converting from Drupal to WordPress:

  • Solid Security
  • Easy extensibility
  • User-friendly front-end
  • Greater SEO compatibility
  • Unfussy back-end
  • Robust security
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With our tailor-made Drupal to WordPress migration service, tap into the world's popular CMS platform for a robust digital presence.
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Converting From Drupal To Wordpress | WPXStudios

How Can WPXStudios WordPress Agency Help You?

We are well-versed with the ever-evolving WordPress ecosystem. As a result, we have helped many website owners convert their Drupal sites to WordPress. From established players to growing startups, our partners come back to us for our:

  • Client-first approach
  • Fluid designs
  • Blazing-fast speed
  • Ethical coding
  • SEO-oriented strategies
  • ADA compliant web design
  • Robust web architecture
  • Conversion-focused websites
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Our Drupal to WordPress Conversion process

Transferring your data from one CMS platform to another entails many considerations. Even a little oversight could result in data loss and SEO rankings. WPXStudios follows a tried and tested approach every step along the way so that everything goes error-free.



Whether in person or virtual, the first meeting is about understanding your reasons for migrating your CMS platform. We then analyze your current website and draw up the best course of action to bring about seamless conversion.


Front End Development

After we shake our hands on the budget and timelines, our team begins the aesthetic and functional integration of features. But of course, our team exercises caution in using advanced tools for an error-less transition.


Data Migration

Our web development team identifies problem areas to minimize adverse effects on organic reach, data retention, and URL structure. As a result, we safely transfer all your valuable Drupal content to your brand-new WordPress website, including users, comments, tags, pages, etc.


Site Launch

After successfully launching the website, our team tests whether the website fares well on technical, SEO, and performance parameters. Again, we rely on world-class tools and technology to detect bugs and rectify them through efficient responses.



In addition to WordPress to Drupal conversion, we also offer secure server power explicitly optimized for WordPress websites. Furthermore, our plans guarantee that the data you share with us remains secure, available, and confidential.



Our job doesn't end with migration. As your web development agency, we maintain, monitor, upgrade, and troubleshoot your website. Our reliable infrastructure, long-term support, and a dedicated Maintenance Plan ensure your website achieves its conversion and visibility objectives.

WPXStudios Team

Bank on the mastery of a skilled web development team to migrate your Drupal site to WordPress

Are you looking to migrate from an outdated CMS to a more responsive platform but don’t know where to begin? It’s always best to approach the experts. WPXStudios has a highly trained team of WordPress developers and designers who don’t just create websites but results-driven juggernauts.

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Go for an intuitive CMS platform like WordPress to elevate your business growth.

Digital entities worldwide use Content Management Systems (CMS) to design, edit, modify and execute content on the internet. There are hundreds and thousands of CMS platforms in the market, but the preferred choice for most companies is WordPress. If you need a precise number on WordPress’s popularity—consider this—the CMS giant powers a whopping 39.6% of the websites. While Drupal is also a known open-source project, it doesn’t hold a candle to WordPress’s intuitive interface, plug-ins, and functionalities. The following advantages will prove to you why migrating from Drupal to WordPress is the right decision for your business:

WordPress offers better functionality without extra costs.

Both WordPress and Drupal have an extensive library, but WordPress leaves behind Drupal because of its ease of installation. Converting from Drupal to WordPress liberates you uncover WordPress’s complex and additional functionalities at no extra cost.

WordPress has a straightforward interface.

The whole premise of a CMS platform is the ease of use. If you can’t make small changes without engaging a trained developer, the CMS isn’t fulfilling its purpose well. For example, even though Drupal allows for the development of complex websites, it calls for platform-specific, advanced knowledge. It’s an unnecessary waste of time and effort if one has to train themselves first for updating and tweaking elements. On the other hand, WordPress has carved a place in the CMS industry for its user-friendly dashboard. You don’t need any technical know-how to manage your content on WordPress. Clients can build, edit, and update images, video files, PDFs, etc., on their own.

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Look no further! WPXStudios can build custom web design for you!

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