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Ghost To Wordpress Migration | WPXStudios

Ghost to WordPress migration

Both WordPress and Ghost are well-known blogging and website-building platforms. However, WordPress has evolved into a multifaceted CMS providing users with more custom features and functionalities, including eCommerce. Here are some more benefits of converting your website from Ghost to WordPress:

  • Dynamic and flexible
  • Limitless functionalities
  • Seamless front-end
  • Greater SEO adaptability
  • Uncomplicated back-end
  • Complete ownership of your website
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Efficiently and safely transfer your valuable data from Ghost to WordPress with a trusty partner like WPXStudios.
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Converting From Ghost To Wordpress | WPXStudios

Why digital marketers and website owners rely on WPXStudios

Ghost to WordPress migration is an advanced and complex procedure requiring careful planning and handling. As an experienced WordPress agency, we have helped business of all sizes and complexities convert their static, non-performing website into a result-focused conversion magnet. Here’s why clients bank on us:

  • A comprehensive, client-first approach
  • Experienced Team
  • Super-fast websites
  • Ethical coding
  • Sales-driven focus
  • SEO-oriented strategies
  • ADA compliant web design
  • Solid web architecture
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Our Ghost to WordPress Conversion process

Website migration is a technical job filled with risks and challenges. So naturally, a haphazard plan won't serve the purpose. At WPXStudios, we have developed a step-by-step migration methodology to carry out this complex process error-free and effortlessly.



Whatever your reason for migrating from Ghost to WordPress, the expert team at WPXStudios will delve deep into the project's objectives. Then, upon careful review of your current website, we will devise a befitting course of action.


Front End Development

Once we have your approval on the proposed solution, our proficient team will integrate the aesthetic style and functionality suite. Of course, we exercise utmost precision during this step to avoid mishaps.


Data Migration

Our WordPress experts will safely transfer your posts, menu, media, comments, etc., to the brand-new location. Keeping your SEO ranking unchanged is our number one priority—it's why we keep your URL structure as is.


Site Launch

Once the migration process is complete, our experts will assess the new website for performance, SEO, and responsiveness. Again, we use advanced tools to catch areas of improvement.



A high-performing website calls for a scalable and flexible web hosting partner. WPXStudios offers feature-packed plans for a high-speed and secure web experience.



As a leading WordPress agency, we provide first-rate managed WordPress hosting solutions. We take the pressure of handling technical aspects of your website, including CDN, backup, SSL, and security scanning, from your shoulders. Our goal is to enable you to invest your time in growing your business!

WPXStudios Team

Migrate your website from Ghost to WordPress by putting your confidence in the know-how of a skilled team.

WPXStudios assembled a team of certified WordPress website developers and web designers, considering the variables and technical framework required in platform migration. With their experience and proficiency, you can rest assured that the migration of your website will be fail-safe, hassle-free, and well-optimized.

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Migrate your website from Ghost to WordPress for a captivating user experience

WordPress started as a blogging platform. Despite the emergence of new publishing players like Ghost, it remains popular. In addition, WordPress has spread its roots into other areas, including e-commerce, intranets, extranets, event microsites, etc. There are a few reasons why Ghost to WordPress migration is a smart choice for your website needs.

WordPress is far more flexible.

As a leading WordPress agency, many companies have approached us to migrate their website from Ghost to WordPress. The reason behind this is straightforward—WordPress offers more flexibility and extensibility. The options are endless, most notably in its ever-expanding repository of the themes provided on its website and via third-party marketplaces. With greater feature extensibility—your chances of creating or finding a design you want for your website. While Ghost also comes with a library of themes, templates, and plug-ins, the range is nowhere close to WordPress. Moreover, customization on Ghost is easier said than done as the platform requires more professional support.

WordPress is more than a blogging platform.

WordPress’s appeal has skyrocketed thanks to its eCommerce model and strategy. WordPress enables one to build a robust sales funnel—from setting up plug-ins to uploading media to adding extensions. Through our WordPress migration services, we help businesses scale up and sell products and services online. Ghost also provides a membership-centric eCommerce feature. In other words, you can’t sell products but give access to your content via membership subscriptions. The concept is geared more towards fostering a community than selling physical products. While this isn’t a problem, the platform lacks WordPress’s community-cum-commerce ability. Creating a storefront on Ghost is possible through Shopify integration. While it’s an excellent way for bloggers to widen their monetary scope, it ties them to Shopify. While not a lousy eCommerce platform, Shopify, unlike WordPress, isn’t cost-effective.

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