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Responsive Website Development

What is Responsive Development?

Have you ever visited a website from your smartphone or tablet only to discover that the information is cut off or that certain features are difficult to utilize because of the small screen?
Did you decide to leave and look for a better option, or did you postpone your visit to the website until you could get online on a different computer?

If you had visited a responsive website, you would not have encountered this issue. Responsive websites change how they display and incorporate specific site elements depending on the user’s device.

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Depending on the circumstances, developers may add responsive elements to a site’s core theme or offer various themes for different types and sizes of computer displays and monitors. All of this occurs instantaneously and automatically, ensuring that site visitors see an appealing and functioning site regardless of their device. Responsive websites don’t presume that their visitors are using a desktop computer.

Rather than thinking that visitors would accept an antiquated and unresponsive website, businesses should make a flexible, easy-to-use, and adaptable website to meet their needs.

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Do you want to learn more about responsive web design? Then, at your convenience, one of our expert responsive designers is ready for a no-obligation website consultation.

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Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the “tipping point” in 2014 when people began using their phones to browse the Internet instead of traditional desktops. Of course, we’ve long since crossed that critical juncture. But, simultaneously, the usage of mobile and traditional computers and other forms of connected devices has increased.

Aside from mobile devices and standard PCs, some people use game consoles, televisions, and eReaders to access the internetInternet. Therefore, no company can afford to design web pages for only one or two types of devices.

Our goal is to provide the most significant possible experience for your guests, regardless of where they come from or their type of connected device. If you ignore this, you may lose consumers to a more forward-thinking competitor.

Why should you choose WpXStudios?

Our responsive website developers at WpXStudios are top-notch, and every site we create is entirely responsive. As a result, our sites will not only wow your visitors on any device, but they will also work efficiently, be easy to administer, and be tailored to your exact business requirements.

We’d love to add your company to our lengthy list of satisfied customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because responsive websites give a better user experience than sites that aren’t designed for both desktop and mobile devices, they fare higher in search results (Google). A seamless user experience across devices is more critical than ever, and a talented, responsive site designer is essential to achieving that goal. Better search rankings equal more visibility, so responsive web design is essential for your company to gain traction.

When looking for a responsive web designer, one of the most crucial factors is the time it will take you to discover the ideal one. WPXStudios handles the legwork for you by hand-picking the top 3% of freelance web designers. Choosing designers with relevant experience might provide you with a significant competitive advantage.

Of course, responsive design and development pricing depends on various things, but you may anticipate paying anywhere from $2000 to $5,000, depending on your requirements.

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