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WordPress Custom Theme Development Services | WPXStudios

WordPress Custom Theme Development Services

WPXStudios is a well-known and established WordPress development company. Our dedicated WordPress developers focus on building websites that deliver exceptional performance, impenetrable security, and enhanced control. Our solutions guarantee scalability, functionality, and responsiveness with our customized themes and plugins.

No website is built in a day. It takes time, competence, expertise, and constant dedication. You’ll come across several WordPress development agencies that promise you the moon. But can those companies create something that will work for industries? Are they capable enough to build something responsive, efficient, and functional?

The WordPress developers at WPXStudios certainly are!

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Our clients provide their essential feedback and testimonials on our past WordPress websites. Have a look at it in our portfolio.

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Features of our WordPress Custom Theme Development Services

If you do not require our full-fledged web design package, you can also use our custom WordPress theme development service. These services include creating a perfect and unique theme for your WordPress website. Our experienced graphic designers work with our WordPress programmers to create a website that will sell!

The following features are included in our services:

  • 100+ Exceptional & Customized WordPress Themes: We are not here to experiment with your WordPress website. We only provide the required solutions after thorough deliberation and analysis of your company. Once the research part is done, we will use our skills and knowledge to choose the best themes for your website. 
  • Custom WordPress Framework: Our Custom WordPress framework is specifically formulated to create the best backend interfaces for our clients’ websites. 
  • Scalability: Our WordPress developers do not shoot arrows in the dark. Data structures and intense research back every solution provided by us. This allows us to create websites that provide traffic, sales, and revenue results. 
  • Hosting: Once we have wrapped up the process of building your WordPress website, we host it on our WordPress hosting platform. This feature enhances your WordPress site’s speed, performance, and dependability with increased security and regular backups. 

Custom WordPress Theme Development- Is it Necessary?

WordPress has a plethora of themes to choose from, out of which more than 11,000 are free. These themes are made by experienced WordPress developers that will significantly improve the look and speed of your website.

If so, then where do such generic themes lack?

  • Inflexibility: Every business has its set of requirements and features that must be depicted on its website. Moreover, it must be changed and updated with the regular marketing trends. The pre-built themes might not be able to cope with such frequent updates. In addition to that, they might not make your website a perfect extension of your company. 
  • Similarity: You wouldn’t want your users to get confused between your website and your competitor’s, would you? Such a scenario might happen with pre-built themes. Even though you can change the color, ad placements, layout, and fonts, your users might notice similarities. 
  • Absence of Features: WordPress offers tons of features, something that expert WordPress theme developers use. These elements can be used to customize your website as per the overall theme of your business. However, since the pre-built theme developers are unaware of your company’s needs, you shall not receive a business-specific theme for your website.

WordPress is a broadly used content management system (CMS) that allows you to build different types of web pages. It utilizes themes and plugins to make the WordPress website more interactive, functional, and practical. The themes make the website visually appealing and easy to navigate. On the other hand, the plugins increase the website’s functionalities to make it worthwhile for online businesses.

WordPress goes the extra mile to make your website secure. With its regular updates, security plugins, and login procedures, you can safeguard your WordPress website. You can also use the help of our dedicated WordPress developers to help ensure the safety of your website.

On average, your WordPress website will cost approximately within the range of $1,500 to $15,000. This price will vary based on your customized requirement. Contact us to receive a quote for our Customized WordPress development services.

Bloggers are not the only ones to use WordPress. Several big names like Sony Music, Time Magazine, The Walt Disney Company, Target, Microsoft, etc., use WordPress for their business websites. With its plugins and themes, this CMS helps develop innovative and interactive websites for businesses, celebrities, bloggers, etc. You can use it to create a positive online presence for your business.

All the WordPress websites built by our developers are responsive. We ensure that your website can be accessed and navigated through all devices- including mobile phones. We do so by changing the CTA button placement, focusing on the fold content, and testing the responsiveness on real devices.

Yes, you can easily migrate the content from your current website to WordPress. However, if your current website uses shortcodes, the migration method will be manual, therefore, more time-consuming.

Yes, our WordPress developers are well-accustomed to making WordPress custom themes from scratch. But if you have budgetary constraints (limiting to $2,000), we shall use pre-built themes to make your WordPress websites effective and responsive.

Creating a WordPress website is not enough. Regular maintenance is essential to preserve its security. Our team of WordPress developers offers regular maintenance for our client’s websites. This includes software updates in a staging environment.

Moreover, we test the updates as per the themes and plugins before making the website live.

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