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What is WordPress

WordPress is an excellent web foundation.

WordPress is one of the most well-known website systems in the market today. However, it isn’t just for blogs, but it can be modified to match any purpose. So whether you have a primary blog or a high-traffic corporate website, WordPress is for everyone.

Our staff of friendly WordPress specialists at WPXStudios ensures that technical difficulties and programming issues never get in the way of your project. We can supply your WordPress website design and maintenance needs, from 24/7 security monitoring to automated backups and performance optimization to custom design.

  • Be Beautiful – The user experience you can create with WordPress is limitless. So feel free to be as inventive as you want!
  • Scalable Network – Expand individual experiences by allowing users to develop their website using WordPress Multisite.
  • Build a Business – WordPress is a robust platform that millions of people trust to help them scale their businesses.

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Why Should You Use WordPress?

WordPress is an entirely customizable content management system that is more than a blog. WordPress provides a platform that can be tailored to meet any need, big or small, and you can be sure to find exactly what you need, thanks to a large number of developers. In addition, WordPress was created with the end-user in mind. WordPress’s administrator panel makes navigating your website simple.

Because we specialize in WordPress development, you can trust that our team is up to date on the latest features and best practices. However, our passion for WordPress extends far beyond our work. More than 50% of the WDS team has volunteered their time to contribute to the core development of WordPress and has created several open-source WordPress plugins. We’ve helped organize, speak at, and volunteer at several WordCamp conferences across the country, and our local WordPress meetings are no different.

Why should you choose WPXStudios?

Because we specialize in WordPress development, you can trust that our team is up to date on the latest features and best practices. However, our passion for WordPress extends far beyond our work.

What sets us apart from the other WordPress developers out there?

We have a rigorous approach that begins with thoroughly examining each client’s business, mission, philosophy, and requirements. Then, we build a digital strategy to help your website stand out with a smooth user experience once we understand how you do business and who your target audience is.

Our developers provide the back-end features your site requires to meet your goals, train your team on how to utilize the site, and are always available if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question concerning our web design services or web design in general? To assist you, we've collected a list of answers.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). Using plugins and themes, you may create a variety of web pages. Plugins are used to make your WordPress theme more appealing, quick, and easy to browse and manage reviews and call attention to various sections of your site.

Yes, WordPress is updated regularly to keep its security frameworks up to date. You may do it yourself or hire us to assist you in keeping your WordPress site, database, and plugins up to date. At many levels, security is ALWAYS a consideration with any website. Utilize our resources to assist in the security of your website with a monthly service that you can set and forget!

Your WordPress site might cost anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000 to build, depending on the web development services and options you choose. Click here to get a personalized quote for our WordPress web design services.

Because WordPress is the most extensively used CMS on the Internet, many bloggers, major and small businesses, and developers utilize it to build websites from the ground up. In terms of theme development and fast bringing a company’s idea to life, it’s usually regarded as one of the finest values for the money invested. But it’s how well it lends itself to expert SEO services that set it apart.

The term “web layout” refers to a pattern that specifies how a website is organized. It establishes the order in which information on a website is presented. Some WordPress plugins can potentially change the way a website is laid up.

Yes, of course. It’s Open Source, meaning it’s free to use. For anyone to see your website, it must be hosted on the internet.

WordPress comes in two flavors: and The version available at is a free Open Source version that you may install on your server and use as required.

The version is paid, and what you’re paying for is the site’s hosting.
The issue is, what if you want more flexibility than provides out of the box? (You know what we’re talking about — it’s like those restricted solutions like Wix, Squarespace, and so forth.)

From its page URL configuration to its extendable publishing choices to how it handles links sitewide, WordPress has a well-deserved reputation for being SEO-friendly.
But it’s the MASSIVE number of SEO plugins available to boost your website’s Google rankings, plus the possibility for a developer to create bespoke plugin solutions (nearly) overnight, in many circumstances, that WordPress truly shines.

Do you want to make your WordPress site run faster? That’s something for which there’s a plugin. How can you improve your mobile optimization? We created a plugin.

How about dynamically optimizing your internal connection structure? Turn your teeny-tiny menu into a MASSIVE menu? Curate all of the comments that come in? Yes, We’ve found the ideal plugin for our customized deployments.

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