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Hosting Migration

No matter what type of architecture you’re moving to, we’re here to help.

You should migrate your website to another host if your current hosting company consistently has performance problems or blames every problem on your CMS solution. The need for WordPress migration becomes evident once you find out your hosting provider cannot deliver everything they promised. So it is bound to happen. But you can always take control, and we’ll guide you through the process.

We can help you transition your live WordPress website from one host to another. No need to worry about backups, databases, server config files, or any other technical aspect; we do that for you.

Depending on the size of your website or blog, a hosting transfer will typically cost between $150 and $400. The quantity of photos and files determines the price and plugins used.

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Our Clients

Are you looking for more information on WordPress Migration? An experienced web developer is available to meet with you at your convenience for a no-obligation website consultation.

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CMS to Wordpress migration

We can help you migrate from any CMS to WordPress.

Do you want your site to run on WordPress rather than Joomla, Wix, Weebly, Magento, Drupal, or any other platform you’re using right now, and you want them all to be on WordPress to make maintenance and SEO easier.

This is how it works:

  • Share URLs: To get a quote from us, share the URLs of the sites you’d like us to migrate to WordPress, for example, using this form.
  • Request a quote: We provide you with a fixed-price quote for WordPress migration.
  • Share required credentials (optional): Once you’ve approved the estimate, you can share the existing site’s FTP passwords with us to expedite our work. But, of course, we can perform without them as well.
  • Assess your newly created WordPress site: We’ll send you a link to evaluate the results after completing the coding and internal QA.
  • WordPress site delivery: Once you have approved and are satisfied with the result, we transfer the files to you or migrate it to replace the current site.

Data Migration

Whether content, inventory, or customer contacts, your data is a valuable asset. We help you migrate your data securely and on time when transferring your old content management system to WordPress.

Data migration goes beyond transferring files, databases, and storage systems. It could also imply the creation of new websites or the replacement of the content management system. The allocation and transformation of source and target data are also part of the migration process. In addition, the quality of data should be reviewed ahead of time: Is it even worth it to migrate, and how much effort is required?

  • Data Verification: We analyze interfaces and your present data to provide complete advice on migration possibilities, benefits, and drawbacks.
  • Data Transfer: We use a simple, transparent migration and security concept, schedule, and fixed contact persons to convert all relevant data stocks to WordPress without any downtime or data loss.
  • WordPress: Your teams will be able to smoothly transition to the new system after successful we have successfully migrated your data.

All Types of Migrations

  • Customized Source. We can import your content into WordPress from a database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle–you name it! ), a web-based system (through an API), or an exported file.
  • WordPress Multisite. Allow us to merge your websites into a WordPress Multisite to make several managing websites simple and straightforward. You’ll never have to update your websites again manually!
  • WordPress. Allow us to merge your websites into a WordPress Multisite to make several managing websites simple and straightforward. You’ll never have to update your websites again manually!
  • Multiple Sources. We can merge data from numerous platforms into a single WordPress site or WordPress Multisite network for you. We have much experience combining data from many sources.
  • Page Scraping. At times, we cannot obtain data other than what is already available on the current production website, but that’s not a problem anymore! We can scrape the content from the site and import it into WordPress.
  • Maintain inbound traffic. You’ll want to double-check that all of your website’s links in search engines are still active and that you’re not missing out on any essential inbound traffic. Our method assures that you will not lose any traffic by ensuring that the necessary redirects and permalink matching are in place.

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