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Code Refactoring

Your existing website code can be restructured without affecting the current user experience. But why do it? This ensures improved website functionality and enhances engagement from future visitors.

Each project reached a technical stagnancy and debt stage over time, which doesn’t mean that you scrap the code entirely and start over. It is never a good idea to start over from the basics again unless there are some significant problems. For example, you wouldn’t demolish your perfect house only because of some issues. Instead, you would prefer remodeling it with fresh paint and some repairs, right? Similarly, you can bring the spark back to your website by availing of our code refactor services.

As the digital field is ever-changing and growing, websites are no exception. New updates often beat the performance issues and ensure rapid growth. However, continuing with the same code for several years invites issues like slower website loading time, lesser functionalities, security problems, etc. Ignoring them for a long time can land your website in significant audit territory. This is where code refactoring helps determine the issues and correct them to ensure effortless functioning and a great user experience.

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Interested in restructuring your existing WordPress website code for better prospects? You can book a no-obligation website consultation with one of our expert developers at your convenience.

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Excelling at Restructuring Existing Website Code

The WPXStudios team will be fully immersed in all the aspects and components of your website. We keep your unique points intact, identify what changes can be made, and make a plan of action determining which elements can be changed for the better. Your WordPress website code will age with time, but we will always find ways to optimize and avoid technical debt accumulation. Doing such regular audits will help prevent financial and technical debt later if a significant change comes in. We are experts in web design and development and can ensure to keep your WordPress site at the top of the competition at all times!

Our Unique Approach to Code Refactoring

Rather than simply looking at the small scope, we focus on the bigger picture. We carefully identify which code and functionalities are needed and which need to be changed. We tweak your existing code and make necessary changes while ensuring that your current users and transactions are not impacted at all. Our code refactoring services will ensure that your WordPress website is maintained and run as smoothly as possible.

Firstly, the WPXStudios team will first perform a small-scale analysis, considering the inventory of API calls and services to identify the areas where improvements can be made. This can mean revising a template so that the website loading time is faster, tweaking the API to work with fewer resources, or rewriting a query so that it won’t run for long. In situations where your website may need a total refactor, we will ensure that there will be no inconvenience of a complete overhaul. We will prioritize the necessary tasks and perform the code restructuring over time. With WPXStudios, your website will perform better without disturbing your daily activities.

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