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WordPress Upgrade

WordPress customization services are suited to cater to any user requirement, including graphic and coding changes, new features and plug-ins installation, website styling, theme installation/setup, third-party code installation, etc.

The bright side of WordPress sites is that they are open-source and supported by a group of people fond of coding. However, the concern related to WordPress is that since it is open-source, wrong people attempt to hack it. If your WordPress site is updated to the most recent version, it is safe and reliable. If you let your WordPress plug-ins or core get out of date, you are vulnerable to hackers, malware, and a plethora of other problems.

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Want to learn more about WordPress upgrade services? Our experienced responsive designers are present anytime for a no-obligation website consultation for you.

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Why Worry if One Click Upgrades Exist?

Upgrading WordPress is extremely easy. A user can do it from their own administration dashboard. The upgrade process takes just a few seconds, making installing functional and security updates effortless for an average person.

However, this process’s complication is that WordPress plug-ins and the themes can clash with the new code and even each other, resulting in errors in your website or blog. Therefore, it is best to completely backup your MySQL database and files to avoid such an event before initiating an update.

Backing up completely gives you access to the tools necessary to debug and fix any kind of error during the upgrade. It may even mean reverting back to an older version of the plug-in until and unless there is a proper fix in place.

Why WPXStudios ?

Why hold your breath while upgrading WordPress? Allow us to take your stress away and let our coding team upgrade WordPress for you. We won’t simply hit update; we’ll ensure the backup of your MySQL database and files and then update WordPress and plug-ins one at a time. This will allow us to check each plug-in and ensure that there are no complications, and in case of an error, we can fix it.

Let us Upgrade your WordPress Site Today!

With a proper backup of your files, we can help upgrade your site effectively!

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